Roland Postma

Roland is currently analysing the sale of public land in Victoria through the lens of the public housing crisis.

Urban planners increasingly don’t have rights or are disenabled to plan despite the perception or expectation they are able to plan for our growing population. Whilst in the backdrop, Australia faces a severe housing, quality, transportation, and ecological crisis.

All these crises are linked to the profession of planning. Roland is therefore very interested in the idea of a planner and the culture around planning. 

Current research is exploring the transition of young planners in Victoria from Higher Education into the planning system and analysis of public land sales in Victoria to show the missing opportunity of public housing. 

Roland’s research interests are land-use planning, planning practices, and education, application of housing around ecological footprint, density, public housing, and quality housing stock. 

He is the co-founder of Planners Declare calling for the planning profession to lead the charge to a carbon-free society and a member of PIA. 


Associate Professor Andrew Butt

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Public land is being sold exactly where thousands on the waiting list need housing

27 May 2020

The need for public housing is greater than ever before – Australia has a shortfall of at least 433,000 dwellings. Using public land for public housing is a no-brainer. But, at the time of writing, the Victorian government is preparing to sell over 2,646 hectares of land.


Victoria wastes potential for public housing on own land: study

03 May 2020

Victorian governments have wasted two decades of opportunities to address the state’s housing crisis, selling surplus public land that could have been used for 11,000 public housing units, new analysis reveals.