The Australian Urban Observatory was featured in a recent article in The Age.

What can Melburnians learn about their suburb thanks to coronavirus?

Here are the key takeaways:

Not all suburbs are created equally, and not everyone has access to amenities like being able to walk or ride to local parks and supermarkets in their neighbourhood.

• We know that liveability is connected to the social determinants of health. Where you live, learn, work, play, age – those things all influence your health and wellbeing long-term.

• The AUO shows, in map-form, collated research into a range of indicators that contribute to making a place liveable, including walkability, social infrastructure, access to local employment, public transport and public open space.

• People’s lived experience is that access to these amenities improves quality of life.

• There are ways to create liveability in our less-dense middle and outer suburbs like townhouses with rear access for cars, rather than driveways across footpaths.