With more competition between uses for urban space, decisions are controversial whenever car parking questions are involved.

Parking is a key component of many challenges cities face as they strive to be more sustainable and liveable.

So what’s parking worth to Melbourne?

Join us for the second instalment of RMIT Centre for Urban Research’s Talking Transport series where we bring together leading experts from government, academia, industry and the community sector, to explore and identify real solutions for our city’s future mobility.


The panelists will be looking to address:

  • The role car parking and parking space has in cities like Melbourne now;
  • How car parking is working (or not working) for residents, businesses, communities, transport, and housing;
  • The opportunities that parking space enables or hinders;
  • What a fair price is to pay for parking, and who should pay for it? and
  • Looking to the future: Where would autonomous vehicles park?


Panelists include:

  • Steve Burgess, Principal Consultant Regional Manager (Victoria), MRCagney
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow, RMIT Centre for Urban Research
  • Gary Spivak, Housing Development Officer, City of Port Phillip
  • Linda M Allison, Policy and Business Development Executive, Property Council Victoria
  • Justin Passaportis, General Manager Victoria and South Australia, GoGet

Helen Rowe, Researcher, RMIT and Principal at CoDesign Studio


Building 56, Level 3, Room 93, RMIT University, Melbourne


26 April 2017