Dr Tiebei Li

Dr Teibei Li is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Urban Research.

Tiebei is a quantitative geographer whose research is primarily focused on developing a spatial understanding of urban and transport systems in Australian and international urban environment.

A strong component of his research lies in the application of quantitative geographical methods for urban and transport modelling and analysis.

He has developed a series spatial-based methodologies to evaluate urban growth patterns, migration, geographical labour mobility, journey to work flows, transport efficiency, and socio- economic exclusions.

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Think taxing electric vehicle use is a backward step? Here’s why it’s an important policy advance

26 November 2020

The South Australian and Victorian governments have announced, and New South Wales is considering, road user charges on electric vehicles.


A Road User Charge on Electric Vehicles

Professor Jago Dodson, Dr Ian Woodcock, Mr Nathan Pittman, Dr Tiebei Li, Associate Professor Crystal Legacy

RMIT Centre for Urban Research

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