Understanding Victoria’s Housing Statement

On September 20, the Victorian Government released its Housing Statement, outlining a number of large and small changes across the housing sector. From changes to planning laws, to the demolition of public housing towers across Melbourne some of the plans will have significant real-world impacts, but they may not all be beneficial. To better understand the statement, below is a compilation of responses from CUR experts.

Victoria’s Housing Statement: A critical explainer by Prof Libby Porter, Dr David Kelly, Dr Priya Kunjan, Dr Iris Levin, Kate Shaw and Dr Liam Davies.    

Assessing the Ground Lease Model for pulic housing renewal, a new report by Dr David Kelly, Prof Libby Porter and Dr Priya Kunjan examining the GLM that is a feature the Government’s housing renewal plan..

In the Media

Michael Buxton addressed some of Labor’s plans in The Guardian.

The explainer statement was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

The Age also featured an opinion piece by Michael Buxton.